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Reflection: Looking in the Bathroom M...


Once in a blue moon, I catch a glimpse of my naked form in the bathroom mirror and the image shocks me speechless…well, for a while anyway. It takes about a minute for my self-esteem to plummet to the deepest fathoms of the ocean as I unwillingly compute what I see. While never being skinny, […]

#1LineWed Favorites on Twitter 18 May...

#1LineWed Favorites on Twitter 18 May 2016

During March this year, I discovered the theme #1linewed on Twitter. What a joy. It is fun to read everyone’s tweets about the theme of the day and have your own creative juices spark by reading some amazing lines. So I’ve decided to post my favorite lines from every Wednesday. Now I don’t have time […]

Men and Sex – Does Someone Know...

Men and Sex – Does Someone Know All the Facts?

I found this article online a while back and thought I’d share it with you. It was eerie how this man nailed some of all women’s concerns on the head with his article. What do you think? Is he right? Will we stop worrying about all those things after reading this? Ahem… I really don’t know. […]

Erotic Romance – What Does it M...

Erotic Romance – What Does it Mean?

The answer we regularly hear is that erotic romance is a tale of love where the door to the bedroom remains wide open. Readers often pick up a book claiming to be erotic romance only to find that it is indeed more erotica and not what they had in mind upon purchasing the novel. This […]

And the Winners Are …

And the Winners Are …

The Valentines Day Blog Hop has come to an end and all that remains is to announce the winners. And the winners are: Just note – we only had four comments overall. With the help of, the organizer has grouped the books into pairs and randomly chosen the winners too. Here they are: $20 Amazon […]

Love Unexpectedly—#Valentine Blog Hop...

Love Unexpectedly—#Valentine Blog Hop 2015

  Regardless of who you are or what you claim to the contrary, every human craves love. Love takes on so many different forms that it’s sometimes confused with other emotions like affection, fondness, lust, etc. But whether it’s brotherly love, parental love, friendly love or romantic love, we all crave some form of the […]

Ultimate Book Tag

Ultimate Book Tag

I was tagged by Kathy over at Kathy Bosman—Romance Author to fill out the Ultimate Book Tagquestionnaire. I tag Rae Rivers, Zee Monodee and anyone else that wishes to participate.   Do you get sick while reading in the car? As I child, reading in the back seat of the car was no problem. Adulthood, […]

A #FallingintoLove New Release: Storm...

A #FallingintoLove New Release: Stormy by @AuthorTinaGayle

                  As part of the #FallingintoLove author exchange I’m excited to bring you a brand new release from the talented author Tina Gayle. Stormy released on the 15th of October 2014 and looks like another fantastic read by this author.   Now available on Amazon Blurb – A […]

Hip Hop Hippie Blog Hop

Hip Hop Hippie Blog Hop

Yes, it sounds crazy I know.   With A Hip Hop Hippie To The Hip Hop   I have been tagged by a wonderful writer and person Kathy Bosman in an Author Blog Hop. Visit her website at   So here are the questions the tagger sent through to me and my answers:   What are you working […]

It’s Release Day for Her Bareba...

It’s Release Day for Her Bareback Cowboys

When you throw together two self-assured cowboys and one sex-starved photographer, things are bound to heat up. Her Bareback Cowboys releases today from Totally Bound Publishers and I thought I’d share a little about the book. From the Back Cover: When the Groundhog Saddle Company awards twenty-six-year-old freelance photographer and divorcee, Adrian Barlow the coveted […]

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